What would YOU save if our world was ending? "The Day the Earth Stood Still" Opens December 12

"The Day the Earth Stood Still" (1951), directed by Robert Wise, with Michael Rennie and Patricia Neal, is still one of my favorite movies of the science fiction genre.

Like other great movies, TDTESS (2008) has been revamped. If you want to see the 2008 trailer or be part of the social networking conceived by the movie studio -- asking what's vital to you and what would you save? -- click on the title to the the address link.

Do you remember this film?


Update: We decided to skip the 2008 preview... Maybe we will see it later.

by Radio_Lady
The original movie is screening on AMC. It will be repeated on Friday, Dec. 12, 2008 around 3 PM Pacific Time. Comcast carries AMC on Channel 71, but check your local listings. If you miss these screenings, please try to get a copy of the original film from 1951. It is an amazing movie!

Michael Rennie was so handsome. His son, Judge David Rennie, an English judge in Sussex, looks a little bit like him. Another son used his mother's name in Britain so he would not be accused of nepotism.

Regrettably, Michael Rennie died of a heart attack due to emphysema when he was only 62. He was a heavy smoker.

I never like to get in the middle of these discussions, but the original films always seem to outlast the re-makes.