This Week At The Movies -- Courtesy Mr. Movie Gary Wolcott

Dear Readers:

We just got back from Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico and missed the previews of these March movies. Here's Mr. Movie -- Gary Wolcott -- whose brief takes are usually "spot on". Feel free to chime in with any comments below. You can also contact Gary at his website. He writes for the Tri-City Herald in Washington state. Here's the link.

(Gary has the most beautiful curly hair, but that's another subject entirely.)

Monsters Vs. Aliens is monstrously funny
Published Friday, Mar. 27, 2009
Remember the first time you saw Shrek? This is that kind of treat. Dreamworks--who also put together our favorite Ogre films--did Monsters Vs. Aliens as a 3-D project. Most are two dimensions turned into three after the filming is completed. Both techniques boggle the mind--and are definitely the future of film--but the difference between the two is astonishing.

Nothing Haunting about The Haunting in Connecticut
Published Friday, Mar. 27, 2009
Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) gives two running times for The Haunting in Connecticut: 98 minutes and 102 minutes. Neither is accurate. The film runs two hours. Two hours too many.

Cage, 'Knowing' quite boring
Published Monday, Mar. 23, 2009
Sometimes even movie critics can be prophets. We don’t do things in biblical proportion or anything close, but often prescience in the realm of mystical movies is a given.

'Duplicity' tough to follow, but caliber of acting shines
Published Friday, Mar. 20, 2009
Industrial espionage is Duplicity's theme. Paul Giamatti and Tom Wilkinson head up rival mega-corporations. They hate each other. Their revulsion spills over into an original, and quite creative, slow motion fight at an airport early in the movie.

Friday, March 27, 2009