Daughters and Dads -- we've seen it all!

My bio daughter Linda turned 40 last year (2008), and my bio son David is right behind her this year (2009). They are 14 months apart in age. My husband, their bonus* father since early childhood, put together an amazing photo book to celebrate her life.

*Bonus="It's a step in the right direction!" See www.bonusfamilies.com

Linda’s 40th B-Day Album

I truly wish it had been possible to do this with the older children that we raised, but maybe someday. There are so many photos that should be preserved and passed along to Grandpa Al's five bio grandchildren. Lee, Cynthia, Adam, William and Rosalee, we love you from a distance and sorry you can't be in our lives at this time. To Michael A.A., Gabrielle, Nicholas, Tyler and Solomon, you are all part of our heritage even if we don't happen to be linked by names or bloodlines. We're always pleased and proud to be in your company and enjoy being grandparents to the five of you.

I just called to say I love you, Linda. It's been hard being a mother and bonus* mother, especially now as we get older. Ask about any family, and everybody seems to have a story of separation and estrangement, as we do.

Linda, I am so proud of you for the kind way in which you treat your bonus mothers, especially Dad Peter's second wife, now a widow. Your mother-in-law is a mensch and I always enjoy being in her company. So glad that so many loving women taught you to cook! We look forward to spending our Passover with you and your friends. Love, Mom/Ellen

Sunday, April 5, 2009