The owner of this blog is taking a break in 2010.

Comments to this blog have been suspended.

Please be aware that my blogging at this site has officially ended. On June 1, 2010, I ended my long career as an entertainment reviewer. That began in 1971, when I took over for Larry King at Miami's WIOD AM radio. I've been involved with media since January 1957, when I was almost 18, and a freshman at the University of Miami. If you search Google images for Ellen Kimball, chances are you'll find some early photos of me on television. "It was a very good year..." as Frank Sinatra crooned years ago.

Now that I am in my 70s, I felt it was time to head off in new directions. The need to step back into my real life, with local volunteer organizations and other affiliations, has come to the fore.  Wish me well -- luckily, I didn't have to have heart surgery like Barbara Walters and Larry King. (UPDATE: Larry retired in December 2010, but I'm pleased he is still active and healthy.)

My husband and I have many interests. We are enjoying the ride of our lives for the rest of the time that the fates have planned for us. 

Peace, love and happiness,

Ellen Kimball | BonusGrandma

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Friday, February 24, 2012