Hello New Visitors! It's 2009!

This is an OPEN FORUM UNTIL FRIDAY, JANUARY 9th. Do you have any questions about me or my favorite subjects? Or topics you'd like to discuss in the future?

If you are new here, you might want to know more about me... or leave a comment about yourself. I am reaching out to those of you who frequent the Internet using through Goggle's NEXT BLOG feature.

Several of you have come over from FEEDJIT and probably know nothing about my history and escapades! Kindly visit the archive below. It contains some of my on-line history at the Democratic Underground, where I had a journal posted for almost four years.

Radio_Lady: Archive from the Democratic Underground (Also, searches on Google for Radio_Lady will reveal a great deal about me (maybe even more than you want to know)!

Here is the archive link.

I welcome your posts, but warn that I do moderate comments here. Thanks for your understanding.