Our 36th Wedding Anniversary on February 4th -- A Vow of Silence

This is the only digital copy of the only Polaroid photo of the occasion. The two cherubs by my side are now 40 and 39 years old.

The date was February 4, 1973. This is silent applause to the loving Digital Geezer who has willingly shared this path of life with me. My dear husband has been courageous enough to stay with me through many difficulties. He tells me I am not easy to live with. Actually, he screamed it at me on Sunday night, and I screamed back enough to totally lose my voice. I have been told to not talk, sing, or even whisper.

He's right. I am tough to live with. However, years ago, while I was working through some issues regarding the death of one older mentor in my life, he was kind enough to assure me he planned to stay until the end -- and until he has outlived all of my husbands and lovers. (You may chuckle, but there is still one left in the "formerly married to" category, a semi-retired doctor from New York who was alive and well, living in New Jersey in 2006. One former lover passed in 2006, and sadly, one husband also. So, at last count, it's two down and.... several more to go.) These days, when I want to see if someone I used to know is still around, I don't use CLASSMATES.com, I go to the Social Security Death Index.

I'm sharing a neat congratulatory thread put up last year on which kind people at the Democratic Underground saluted us. My affiliation with them lasted only until late July 2008 due to strong but inaccurate opinions about me. So the owner, David Allen, has banned me.

In the interest of brevity, the soul of wit, I offer you last year's link.

Enjoy the photos. My Photobucket account is also completely open if anyone wants to peek.

2/4 - Memories of Grandpa Martin Kovacs, Albert Grubair, and CDZ, who would have been 84 today

February 4, 2009