Pink Panther 2 Opens Friday, February 6!

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The dog didn't eat my homework. Heck, I don't even have a dog, or any homework, either. However, critical family matters and illness have caused me to pause my reviewing and blogging, hopefully until things are resolved soon.

Until I return, I'm posting the review of The Pink Panther 2 written by Mr. Movie, Gary Wolcott. Here's Gary!

Honestly? Gary is a great guy who has been reviewing movies for 15 years. I wish I had a younger brother like him. (Only child, here.) I always enjoy his reviews, and 'though we disagree sometimes, not often, I always respect his opinion.

Gary writes for the Tri-City Herald, in Kennewick, Washington. I totally agree with this review. In fact, the preview showing of this movie, which my husband and I attended with our eight-year-old grandson, was the best thing that happened to me all last week. Other stuff? Not so much. Enjoy!

'The Pink Panther 2' too funny
By Gary Wolcott,

Typically, second movies are usually light-years inferior to the first.

Not so with The Pink Panther 2.

Steve Martin reprises the roll of detective Jacques Clouseau and his all-star co-star cast list includes Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina, Jean Reno, John Cleese, Jeremy Irons, Yuki Matsuzaki, Bollywood’s Aishwarya Rai and Emily Mortimer.

They have a blast sparring, spoofing and doing word play with Martin and each other. Nothing here is gut-busting, but you will catch yourself laughing out loud on occasion and completely entertained by the comedy.

By the way, if you’re tempted to pop up and refill the popcorn or hit the powder room, don’t do it during the scene at the Vatican. After the pontiff’s ring is stolen, a clueless Clouseau and the gang of detectives investigate. It is the funniest scene in a film full of them.

Another highlight is Martin and old friend/comedienne Lily Tomlin doing some spot-on politically incorrect bits on political correctness. By my count there have been 11 Pink Panther movies. Originally a main character in a Blake Edwards heist spoof, the late Peter Sellers played Inspector Jacques Clouseau five times. Some viewed Sellers as a genius.

Others—me included—didn’t find Sellers or his movies that funny. Comedian Steve Martin—modeling his interpretation of the character after Sellers—nearly put an end to a brilliant comedy career doing his vision of The Pink Panther.

It wound up on lots of worst of the year lists in 2006.

Though it isn’t likely to end up on anyone’s best list, after a long week of financial worries, children worries, job worries, The Pink Panther 2 hits all the right notes and is an excellent 90-minute escape.

Mr. Movie rating: "4 stars -- Good -- see it if it's your kind of movie."

Rated PG for mature themes. It opens nationally on Friday, Feb. 6. Check your local movie listings.

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CS Videos: The Pink Panther 2
Source: Heather Newgen February 4, 2009

This Friday, Steve Martin will be returning as Inspector Jacques Clouseau in Sony and MGM's The Pink Panther 2. The character, made famous by the late Peter Sellers, was revived three years ago when Martin and his Cheaper by the Dozen director Shawn Levy decided to reinvent the character. Now, Clouseau is back, once again trying to find thieves who've once against stolen the priceless Pink Panther Diamond, this time paired with a team of international detectives by his aggravated boss Chief Inpector Dreyfus (this time played by John Cleese). The cast is rounded out by Emily Mortimer, returning as Clouseau's love interest Nicole, Jean Reno as Clouseau's friend and partner Ponton, Andy Garcia, Alfred Molina and Lily Tomlin.

February 6, 2009